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Instructions: Print this form. Write the number of products you are ordering in the appropriate columns, then total them up at the bottom of each column. Calculate and write the total dollar amount for each column. Please be sure to include your full name, address, telephone and fax number, and method of payment. You will be contacted for verification. Thank you for your order!

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Email: _____________________________________________

Payment Type (circle): Mastercard / VISA / AMEX / Money Order

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Site Licenses Available
You can purchase a site license for extension products that enables use by an unlimited number of developers (persons) at a single office location. Site licenses cost 2.5 times the single license fee. To purchase a site license, simply enter a quantity of 2.5.

Order Code Product Name Unit Price Quantity Total Amount
MTS-PPC-001 Windows Mobile Numeric Keypad Control US$79    
MTS-PPC-B01 Windows Mobile + PalmOS Numeric Keypad Bundle US$99    
SFX-PPC-018 SFRecordUtils for PocketPC US$50    
SFX-PPC-058 SF-FTP-PPC US$95    
SFX-064 SFGrafittiLock US$25    
SFX-PPC-045 SFTextFile-PPC US$75    
SFX-062 Treo650Camera US$100    
SFX-PPC-057 FieldByIndex-PPC US$50    
SFX-PPC-063 SFShell-PPC US$50    
SFX-061 SF-HTTP US$95    
SFX-060 SFTreo600Gadgets US$50    
SFX-059 SFTreo600Tools US$95    
SFX-058 SF-FTP US$95    
SFX-057 FieldByIndex US$50    
SFX-046 Zire7xCamera US$100    
SFX-056 NetPrefs US$100    
SFX-055 Garmin iQue GPS US$75    
SFX-054 Treo600Camera US$100    
SFX-053 SocketScan US$95    
SFX-052 SFFindFiles US$50    
SFX-049 SFJPGView US$100    
SFX-050 SerialPortIrComm US$75    
SFX-PPC-051 SFMD5Hash-PPC US$40    
SFX-048 SFHyperLink US$45    
SFX-047 SFVersaMail US$50    
SFX-045 SFTextFile US$75    
SFX-PPC-044 SFDeviceID-PPC for PocketPC US$25    
SGU-003 PrefsLock US$50    
SGU-004 DateTimeLock US$25    
SFX-PPC-043 SFEmail-PPC for PocketPC US$35    
SFX-PPC-042 SFRegistry-PPC for PocketPC US$40    
SFX-041 CalcKeyboard US$75    
SFX-040 SFProgAlarm US$75    
SFX-039 SFFireViewer US$75    
SFX-011 SFInkView V2.0 US$75    
SFX-PPC-005 SFBinaryLookup for PocketPC US$50    
SFX-038 SFSplashPhoto US$50    
SFX-037 SFDialPhone US$50    
SFX-036 SFHanderaAudio US$50    
SFX-PPC-016 SFFormJumper for PocketPC US$10    
SFX-034 SFScrollbar US$30    
SFX-033 SuperDroplist US$75    
SFX-008 SFDateBook V2.5 US$50    
SFX-018 SFRecordUtils V2.2 US$50    
SFX-032 SFEyeModule2 US$100    
SFX-031 SFScreenLock US$20    
SFX-030 SFControlMagic US$50    
SFX-029 SFSpinControl US$25    
SFX-028 SFFlashBack US$60    
SFX-023 PopupUtils V1.5 US$50    
SFX-020 SFPalmPix V1.1 US$75    
SFX-027 SFOnClick V1.1 US$25    
SFX-002 PocketUtils V2.0 US$40    
SFX-003 SFAddressBook V2.0 US$50    
SFX-014 SFTypeAheadFieldAdorner V2.0 US$50    
SFX-026 Monarch6017 PrintScreen US$75    
SFX-005 SFBinaryLookup V1.2 US$50    
SFX-025 SFArchiver US$60    
SFX-024 SFBitmapView US$100    
SFX-022 SFToDoList US$50    
SFX-004 SFBeamerPRO US$75    
SFX-021 Monarch6015 PrintScreen US$75    
SFX-001 Extension Bundle US$250    
SFX-015 Basic App Value Bundle US$125    
SFX-006 SFBitSaviour US$5    
SFX-007 SFControlAdorner US$25    
SFX-009 SFEmail US$20    
SFX-010 SFiMessenger US$20    
SFX-017 SFIRToggle US$25    
SFX-012 SFKeyz US$30    
SFX-013 SFMemoPad V2.0 US$50    
SFX-016 SFFormJumper US$5    
SGU-001 HotSunc US$40    
SGU-002 PocketExec US$20    
UPG-046 Zire7xCamera UPGRADE US$50    
UPG-011 SFInkView V2.0 UPGRADE US$50    
UPG-023 PopupUtils V1.5 UPGRADE US$15    
UPG-018 SFRecordUtils V2.0 UPGRADE US$15    
UPG-002 PocketUtils V2.0 Upgrade US$20    
UPG-003 SFAddressBook V2.0 UPGRADE US$25    
UPG-008 SFDateBook V2.0 UPGRADE US$15    
UPG-014 SFTypeAheadFieldAdorner V2.0 Upgrade US$15    
UPG-005 SFBinaryLookup V1.2 Upgrade US$10    
UPG-004 SFBeamerPRO V1.5 Upgrade US$50    
HHC-001 HHC GPSBluetooth Extension US$125    
HHC-002 HHC RFCOMM Bluetooth Extension US$125    
PLS-009 PLS PRL Software Soundex Extension US$20    
PLS-008 PLS PRL Software Bar Chart Extension US$60    
PLS-007 PLS PRL Software Exit Capture Extension US$20    
RLS-002 RLS Lightstone Software Utilities US$20    
RLS-003 RLS Lightstone Software LSAdvancedSearch US$20    
RLS-B01 RLS Lightstone Software Extension Bundle US$50    
RLS-004 RLS Lightstone Software LSListBox V2.0 US$75    
RLS-U04 RLS Lightstone Software LSListBox V2.0 UPGRADE US$40    
PLS-006 PLS PRL Software Array Extension US$20    
PLS-001 PLS PRL Software DES Extension US$75    
PLS-002 PLS PRL Software Preferences Extension US$30    
PLS-003 PLS PRL Software Hash Extension US$40    
PLS-004 PLS PRL Software CopyLock Extension US$100    
PLS-005 PLS PRL Software Security Bundle Extension US$200    
PMM-005 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoLista Extension US$125    
PMM-004 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoLPT Extension US$125    
PMM-U04 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoLPT 2.0 UPGRADE US$50    
PMM-003 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoPC Extension US$125    
PMM-002 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoDB Extension US$50    
PMM-001 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoUtil2 Extension US$100    
TSX-001 Personal Audio Recorder Extension US$225    
TSX-002 wavPlayer SFX US$125    
NSX-001 NSBeamer US$40    
NSX-002 NSBSplashPhoto US$50    
NSX-003 NSBJPGview US$50    
NSX-004 NSBZire71Camera US$85    
HBX-001 JPGDecodePNO US$75    
HBX-002 Zire71CamJPG US$100    
HBX-003 Treo600Cam US$100    

Grand Total for the Order


Updated: Sept 5, 2008