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PRL Software's DES Encryption SFX for PalmOS
Sample Application
Sample Application

Version 3.0 Released October 21, 2001: Now supports Triple DES on Palm device and PC!

PRL Software's DES Encryption extension is a SatForms plugin that provides Triple DES encryption and hexadecimal data conversion functions.

The DES Encryption extension provides full encryption for Satellite Forms developers on the Palm Pilot. The encryption provided is the "Triple Data Encryption Standard" or 3DES. It is also known as "Data Encryption Algorithm" or DEA.

Up until now there has been no real method of safe guarding data on a palm. Tables can easily be retrieved from the palm or "beamed" to a PC or other device. If the data is encrypted then any malicious or devious person attempting to read or change data will be effectively blocked. This is invaluable for customer lists/details or personal/private memos.

This extension lets you encrypt and decrypt and ASCII (text) data within Satellite Forms, including:

  • Variables
  • Text enclosed in quotation marks, e.g. "Text to be Encrypted/Decrypted"
  • Database Fields
  • Control data, e.g. EditboxCustomer_Name.Data

The results can also be placed into a variable, database field or control. This means that data can be stored in a database in an encrypted format, to be decrypted on the PC. An ActiveX DLL - PalmDES.DLL - is provided with the same methods as the extension, meaning that code can be transferable between Palm and PC for encryption/decryption tasks.

Included with this extension is the ability to store and send any standard ASCII character from the PC to the Palm and from the Palm to the PC. This resolves the international character problem of various Satellite Forms versions that inhibits the Palm sending the PC extended ASCII codes.

Evaluation Version

You can download an evaluation version of the DES Encryption Extension.

This extension is manufactured by PRL Software and is marketed by NOTE: This extension is no longer supported by PRL Software, is not supported by PalmDataPro, and is available on an AS IS basis only.

The extension includes a royalty-free per-developer runtime license, meaning you can distribute the extension PRC files royalty-free with your app but you need to purchase a separate license for each SF developer (basically the same as the SF Standard Edition license).

System Requirements: This extension is compatible with all PalmOS devices running OS 3.0 and above. PalmOS5 Ready!

Site License Available

You can purchase a site license for this product that enables its use by an unlimited number of developers (persons) at a single office location. Site licenses cost 2.5 times the single license fee. To purchase a site license, simply enter a quantity of 2.5, click on the ADD button to add it to your shopping basket, and then click View Basket to complete your order. In the Comments section of your order, please enter the text "Site License". Thank you!

Original Features Include:
  • Encryption/Decryption on both Palm and PC under the Data Encryption Standard to secure your data.
  • Hexadecimal conversion on both Palm and PC to transfer international characters and other extended ASCII.
  • Example Satellite Forms Project, including basic examples as will as a database example - Visual Basic examples available on request.
New Features Include:
  • Triple DES (3DES) Encryption/Decryption on both the Palm and PC.
  • DES on PC now implemented through a faster ActiveX DLL.
  • Strong Key option now available. This takes any key you enter and strengthen it by using Hashing functions on it.
  • Palm OS requirement reduced from 3.1 to 3.0 (may run on previous Palm OS versions).
  • A function has been included that determines whether the palm supports encryption or not (for early Palm OS versions).
Reference: PLS-001

Manufactured by: PRL Software

Payment Methods:
American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Money Order or Wire Transfer

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Currency US$
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PLS-001  PRL Software's DES Encryption SFX for PalmOS  75.00 each

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