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PRL Software's CopyLock SFX for PalmOS
Sample Application
Sample Application

Version 2.3 Released November 8, 2001

PRL Software's CopyLock extension is designed to aid SF developers in making their products much more resistant to unauthorized copying. It removes the simple algorithm techniques commonly used by Palm software developers, and replaces them with a standardised algorithm.

The Registration Key of the CopyLock extension actually contains the registration level, whether there is a timeout and whether there is a date at which point the software expires.

The registration key of the copy lock extension is encrypted with DES encryption, where the password is actually the hash of creator ID, Serial Number, User Name, User ID, Custom ID, Application Name and Application Version.

Talking in Layperson's language: The registration key can ONLY be utilised by the program-palm combination that has a matching Creator ID, Serial Number, User Name, User ID, Custom ID, Application Name and Application Version. Creator ID is the only "Must Have", the rest are optional. This means that you can have a range of registration key "Levels". This range starts at a registration key that is specific for your program running on a specific customer's palm right down to a registration key that will register any program you create.

Since the Registration Level is built in to the Registration Key your shareware program can be upgraded to varying degrees. A "standard" registration may provide standard functionality while an "Advanced" or "Enterprise" registration may provide more functionality. You may decide to register to some of your customers on a subscription basis while registering others outright. All of this is possible from your original base shareware program and is dependent on the registration key that you provide.

A PC side (Windows) program is supplied that creates the registration keys for your program. You simply enter in the security information such as application name, version, creator ID and some customer information such as Flash ROM Number, Hotsync Name or email address and a registration code is produced.

Features Include:

  • Timeout facility - so that users can trial your software for a period of time (as set by you - up to 255 days). Additional feature tells you how many days left there is until the timeout runs out.
  • Registration Levels - allows custom levels of security, levels are between 0 and 255. Registration level is set by the developer when producing the registration key.
  • Easy method of determining the security information from the palm that is required to create the registration key.
  • Example of how to use the extension, including blocking the use of you program if it is not registered. This is a Satellite Forms 3.1 and above file.

Evaluation Version

You can download an evaluation version of the CopyLock Extension.

This extension is manufactured by PRL Software and is marketed by NOTE: This extension is no longer supported by PRL Software, is not supported by PalmDataPro, and is available on an AS IS basis only.

Site License Available

Simply enter a quantity of 2.5 on your order. Thank you!

System Requirements:
  • This Extension is compatible with all PalmOS devices running OS 3.1 and above.
  • PalmOS5 Ready!
License Information:
  • The PRL Software CopyLock extension includes a royalty-free per-developer runtime license.
  • You may distribute the extension PRC/DLL files royalty-free with your app but you need to purchase a separate license for each SF developer (basically the same as the SF Standard Edition license).
Reference: PLS-004

Manufactured by: PRL Software

Payment Methods:
American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Money Order or Wire Transfer

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Currency US$
Ref Description Price Quantity Required Add To Basket
PLS-004  PRL Software's CopyLock SFX for PalmOS  100.00 each

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