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SFEyeModule2 SFX for PalmOS
Sample Application
Sample Application

Version 1.02 Released May 7, 2002

SFEyeModule2 is a Satellite Forms extension that enables you to integrate the IDEO EyeModule2 digital camera Springboard module for Handspring Visors into your SatForms applications. SFEyeModule2 provides methods for you to:

  • retrieve the database of EyeModule2 images already on the Visor (including image attributes such as image name, date/time taken, image size, and note)
  • rename or delete images from the database
  • create/modify image notes
  • display image thumbnails (Palmsize 160x120) from the database in color or greyscale (dependent on the Visor model)
  • display live viewfinder frames from the camera
  • take photos and save them to the EyeModule2 image database as thumbnail (Palmsize) and optionally as VGA JPEG files (Fullsize 640x480x24 bit)
  • beam photos to another Visor (the receiving Visor needs to have the EyeModule2 software installed, which is automatically installed the first time you snap the EyeModule2 into the Springboard slot)
  • it also supports embedding either the thumbnail or fullsize image into an SF41 binary field, as long as the image is small enough to fit into the 64K record size limit (you can control the amount of JPEG compression for the VGA image, making it possible to store the full 640x480x24 bit image in a binary field, although the SF runtime engine is not able to display the JPEG image)
  • Important: SFEyeModule2 is compatible with SatForms 3.1 and higher (binary field support requires SF41 or higher), requires PalmOS 3.5 Visors (Visor Edge, Visor Platinum, Visor Prism, Visor Pro, or Visor Neo), and will NOT work with PalmOS 3.1 Visors (Visor and Visor Deluxe) or the original EyeModule
Evaluation Version Download

An evaluation version of this extension is available so you can try it out before deciding to purchase. To download an evaluation version of this extension, complete the Product Evaluation Request Form with your full address information. Eval version download instructions will be supplied upon completion of the request form. The evaluation versions of the extensions display a notice screen each time they are run, but do not time out. They are intended for internal testing use only and may not be distributed.

Site License Available

You can purchase a site license for this product that enables its use by an unlimited number of developers (persons) at a single office location. Site licenses cost 2.5 times the single license fee. To purchase a site license, simply enter a quantity of 2.5, click on the ADD button to add it to your shopping basket, and then click View Basket to complete your order. In the Comments section of your order, please enter the text "Site License". Thank you!

System Requirements:
  • Compatible with SatForms 3.1 and higher
  • Supports SatForms 4.1 Binary Fields
  • Compatible with PalmOS 3.5 and higher
  • Requires EyeModule2 Springboard camera for Handspring Visors
  • Requires a Handspring Visor Neo, Prism, Edge, Platinum, or Pro
  • Does NOT work with original Handspring Visor or Visor Deluxe
  • Does NOT work with the original EyeModule
  • Does NOT currently support EyeModule2 movies (but might in a future release)
License Information:
  • PalmDataPro extensions include a royalty-free per-developer runtime license.
  • You can distribute the extension PRC files royalty-free with your app but you need to purchase a separate license for each SF developer (person).
Reference: SFX-032

Manufactured by: Thacker Network Technologies Inc.

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Currency US$
Ref Description Price Quantity Required Add To Basket
SFX-032  SFEyeModule2 SFX for PalmOS  100.00 each

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