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SFFormJumper-PPC SFX for PocketPC

Version 1.0 Released November 29, 2002

SFFormJumper is a very simple SatForms plugin extension that does two things: it can jump to a new form using the JumpToForm method and it can return to a previous form using the ReturnToPrevForm method.

"Why bother?", you ask, since you can do that with regular button actions? Well, there are certain times when you would really like to execute a Jump or Return command from within a script.

"Why not use a hidden button and then call ExecAction for it via script?", you ask, since that will do the trick? Well, that gets kinda messy on a complex forms, and it seems like a silly thing to have to do when you think about it. It does work though, if you don't mind the mess and don't think it is a tad bit silly.

"Well, why not use the Forms("new form").Show script command then?", you ask, still wondering why you would want to use SFFormJumper?

BECAUSE: SFFormJumper allows you to specify Record JumpOptions for the form you are jumping to, just like the button action does, namely Allow If None, Create If None, Fail If None, and Always Create. Forms().Show can't do that!

But wait, there's more. With SFFormJumper's JumpToForm command you can even specify whether you wish to save the index of the form you are jumping FROM. If you save the "return index", then you can return to that form using a standard "Return To Previous Form" button action, or via SFFormJumper's ReturnToPrevForm method. Saving the return index is the default behaviour for the regular SatForms "Jump To Form" button action as well as the Forms().Show command. However, SFFormJumper gives you the option to specify that you DO NOT want to save the return index, thus making the standard "Return To Previous Form" button action and SFFormJumper's ReturnToPrevForm method both fail. Why you would ever want to actually do this is beyond me, BUT the capability does exist should you need it!

A pretty wordy explanation for a pretty simple extension, but now you know why you might find SFFormJumper useful as opposed to the SatForms built-in form jumping methods!

Evaluation Version Available

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Site License Available

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System Requirements:
  • Compatible with SatForms 5.2 for PocketPC and higher
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile/PocketPC 2002/2003/2003SE/WM5/WM6
License Information:
  • PalmDataPro extensions include a royalty-free per-developer runtime license
  • You can distribute the extension SFX files royalty-free with your app but you need to purchase a separate license for each SF developer (person).
Reference: SFX-PPC-016

Manufactured by: Thacker Network Technologies Inc.

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Currency US$
Ref Description Price Quantity Required Add To Basket
SFX-PPC-016  SFFormJumper-PPC SFX for PocketPC  10.00 each

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