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PalmDataPro News and Product Updates! Updated February 24, 2011

The following is a list of new and recently updated products available from the Online Store:

Feb 24, 2011: SF-HTTP-PPC 2.0 - Pocket Science Extensions for PPC

SF-HTTP-PPC is a plugin that allows SatForms PocketPC applications to transfer data to and from an HTTP server, over a TCP/IP connection. New in V2.0: now supports UPLOADING binary files via POST to a compatible CGI script!

Sept 16, 2009: SuperDroplist-PPC - Pocket Science Extensions for PPC

SuperDroplist-PPC is a supercharged droplist SFX custom control to be used as a replacement for the standard SatForms droplist control. It offers numerous enhancements and benefits over the standard droplist control, including the ability to use string based lists instead of tables for droplist items.

Sept 16, 2009: ImportRecords for PocketPC - Pocket Science Extensions for PPC

ImportRecords is a plugin extension for PocketPC that enables you to import records from a Satellite Forms PDB that does not belong to the running app, into a table that is in the current app. That makes realtime data updates over TCPIP (for example by using the SF-HTTP-PPC extension to download a data table) quicker and easier.

February 11, 2009: MTS WM Numeric Keypad Control - Third Party Extensions

The Windows Mobile Numeric Keypad is a popup keyboard extension for Satellite Forms, to simplify numeric data entry. When invoked with a tap on the edit field, Numeric Keypad pops up over the current form, providing a full-screen, calculator-like keypad.

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