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PalmDataPro Product QuickLink and Version Info

Updated: Feb 24, 2011

Pocket Science SatForms Extensions

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version OS5 Compatibility
SFX-041 CalcKeyboard 1.0 Compatible
SFX-057 FieldByIndex 1.0 Compatible
SFX-055 Garmin iQue GPS 1.0 Compatible
SFX-056 NetPrefs 1.0 Compatible
SFX-002 PocketUtils 2.21 Compatible
SFX-023 PopupUtils 1.81 Compatible
SFX-050 SerialPortIrComm 1.0 Compatible
SFX-003 SFAddressBook 2.05 Compatible
SFX-025 SFArchiver 1.9 Compatible
SFX-004 SFBeamerPRO 1.7 Compatible
SFX-005 SFBinaryLookup 1.5 Compatible
SFX-024 SFBitmapView 1.0 Compatible
SFX-007 SFControlAdorner 2.1 Compatible
SFX-030 SFControlMagic 1.2 Compatible
SFX-008 SFDateBook 2.7 Compatible
SFX-037 SFDialPhone 1.1 Compatible
SFX-032 SFEyeModule2 1.02 N/A (Hardware)
SFX-009 SFEmail 1.0 N/A (Software)
SFX-052 SFFindFiles 1.2 Compatible
SFX-039 SFFireViewer 1.1 Compatible
SFX-028 SFFlashBack 1.2 N/A (Software)
SFX-016 SFFormJumper 1.0 Compatible
SFX-058 SF-FTP 1.2 Compatible
SFX-064 SFGrafittiLock 1.0 Compatible
SFX-036 SFHanderaAudio 1.0 N/A (Hardware)
SFX-048 SFHyperLink 1.0 Compatible
SFX-061 SF-HTTP 2.0 Compatible
SFX-010 SFiMessenger 1.1 N/A (Software)
SFX-011 SFInkView 2.13 Compatible
SFX-017 SFIRToggle 1.0 N/A (Software)
SFX-049 SFJPGView 1.3 Compatible
SFX-012 SFKeyz 1.3 Compatible
SFX-013 SFMemoPad 2.01 Compatible
SFX-027 SFOnClick 1.5 Compatible
SFX-020 SFPalmPix 1.1 N/A (Hardware)
SFX-040 SFProgAlarm 1.0 Compatible
SFX-018 SFRecordUtils 2.7 Compatible
SFX-031 SFScreenLock 1.3 Compatible
SFX-034 SFScrollbar 1.01 Compatible
SFX-029 SFSpinControl 1.0 Compatible
SFX-038 SFSplashPhoto 2.0 Compatible
SFX-045 SFTextFile 1.52 Compatible
SFX-022 SFToDoList 1.02 Compatible
SFX-060 SFTreo600Gadgets 1.4 Compatible
SFX-059 SFTreo600Tools 1.8 Compatible
SFX-014 SFTypeAheadFieldAdorner 2.92 Compatible
SFX-047 SFVersaMail 1.10 Compatible
SFX-053 SocketScan SFX 6.1.1 Compatible
SFX-033 SuperDroplist 1.09 Compatible
SFX-054 Treo600Camera 1.0 Compatible
SFX-062 Treo650Camera 1.05 Compatible
SFX-046 Zire7xCamera 2.0 Compatible
SFX-021 Monarch6015 PrintScreen 1.01 N/A (Hardware)
SFX-026 Monarch6017 PrintScreen 1.0 N/A (Hardware)

Pocket Science Developer Utilities

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version OS5 Compatibility Status
SGU-004 DateTimeLock 1.0 Compatible
SGU-001 HotSunc 1.0 Compatible
SGU-002 PocketExec 1.0 Compatible
SGU-003 PrefsLock 1.0 Compatible

Pocket Science SatForms Extensions for PocketPC

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version PPC Compatibility Status
SFX-PPC-057 FieldByIndex-PPC 1.1 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-065 ImportRecords 1.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-005 SFBinaryLookup for PocketPC 1.5 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-044 SFDeviceID-PPC 1.1 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-043 SFEmail-PPC 1.0 2002/2003
SFX-PPC-016 SFFormJumper for PocketPC 1.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-058 SF-FTP-PPC 1.5 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-061 SF-HTTP-PPC 2.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-051 SFMD5Hash-PPC 1.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-018 SFRecordUtils for PocketPC 2.7 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-042 SFRegistry-PPC 1.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-063 SFShell-PPC 1.0 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-045 SFTextFile-PPC 1.52 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
SFX-PPC-033 SuperDroplist-PPC 1.1 2002/2003/WM5/WM6

Third Party SatForms Products

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version OS5 Compatibility Status
MTS-PPC-001 MTS Numeric Keypad Control 1.0 PocketPC 2002/2003/WM5/WM6
HHC-003 HHC BtControl 1.0 Compatible
HHC-001 HHC GPSBluetooth 1.2 Compatible
HHC-002 HHC RFCOMM Bluetooth 1.3 Compatible
RLS-001 Strings Extension 6.1.1 Compatible
RLS-002 Lightstone Software Utilities 2.0 Not Tested by Vendor
RLS-003 Lightstone Software LSAdvancedSearch 1.1 Not Tested by Vendor
RLS-004 Lightstone Software LSListBox 2.1 Compatible
PLS-008 PRL Software Bar Chart Extension 1.0 Compatible
PLS-009 PRL Software Soundex Extension 2.0 Compatible
PLS-007 PRL Software Exit Capture Extension 1.0 Compatible
PLS-006 PRL Software Array Extension 3.0 Compatible
PLS-001 PRL Software DES Extension 4.0 Compatible
PLS-002 PRL Software Preferences Extension 3.0 Compatible
PLS-003 PRL Software Hash Extension 3.0 Compatible
PLS-004 PRL Software CopyLock Extension 4.0 Compatible
PLS-005 PRL Software Security Bundle Extension 3.0 Compatible
PMM-004 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoLista Extension 1.0 Compatible
PMM-004 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoLPT Extension 2.0 Compatible
PMM-003 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoPC Extension 1.2 Compatible
PMM-002 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoDB Extension 1.2 Compatible
PMM-001 PMM Palmosoft's PalmoUtil2 Extension 1.5 Compatible
TSX-001 Personal Audio Recorder 1.0 Compatible
TSX-002 wavPlayer SFX 1.0 Compatible

Pocket Science NSBasic/Palm Extensions

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version OS5 Compatibility Status
NSX-001 NSBeamer 1.0 Compatible
NSX-003 NSBJPGview 1.0 Compatible
NSX-002 NSBSplashPhoto 1.0 Compatible
NSX-004 NSBZire71Camera 1.02 Compatible

Pocket Science HB++ Packages

Product Code Product Name & Link Current Version OS5 Compatibility Status
HBX-001 JPGDecodePNO 1.0 Compatible
HBX-003 Treo600Cam 1.0 Compatible
HBX-002 Zire71CamJPG 1.0 Compatible
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